Neo II

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  • By now Neo had met the Oracle, battled with Agent Smith and sent a warning that he plans to destroy the Matrix.

    Like all good hero's, Neo's has evolved. He no longer needs firearms for combat, instead opting for martial arts and his ability to manipulate the Matrix to his benefit.

    And just like Neo had evolved, so had his shades.

    The lens height was reduced for the Neo Reloaded sunglasses giving them a sleeker narrower look.

    Full metal frame and UV400 polycarbonate lens . Single size only.

  • Thomas A. Anderson is a distant memory now, as Neo tries to disable the Matrix and contend with a now virus-like Agent Smith (now known as Smith) who can insert his code into other systems and make copies of himself.

    And if that wasn't enough, The Architect warns Neo of the annihilation of all human life in and out of the Matrix. Bad news for sure, but at least Neo discovers the ability to heal as he saves his lover Trinity.