• As soon as the first Matrix movie was released the Morpheus sunglass became an instant hit, and continues to be a much sought after item.

    The ingenuity of the Morpheus sunglass lay in its simplicity, but the look was something no one had seen before.

    Morpheus sunglasses work by using two spring loaded nose pieces (Pince-Nez device). Little handles attached to the nose piece allow you to place the glasses on your nose. Natural tension will hold them securely in place.

    Over the years there have been many attempts at recreating the original Blinde design, but most were of poor quality.

    The M.2. Morpheus however is simply outstanding. High quality 10 base polycarbonate lenses provide optical clarity and the finish is superb whilst we upgraded the Pince-Nez device along with silicone nosepads.

    All of Morpheus sunglasses offer UV400 protection.

    The Morpheus is only a available in a single size. It will fit most people unless you have an especially wide nose!


  • Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishburne) was either a danger that needed to be eliminated or a popular figure depending on which side you took.

    Agents of the Matrix considered Morpheus a threat to its existence and along with Sentinels they sought to eradicate him from the system. To the people of Zion however, Morpheus was a hovercraft captain who dedicated himself to the protection of its inhabitants and ultimately their freedom from the Matrix.

    Finding "The One", a human who possess extraordinary abilities that will help destroy the Matrix, is only the start of Morpheu's journey. Will his ultimate goal, the freedom of Zion be fullfilled?